Turbocharge your SQLite App with WAL

In current SQLite versions, there is a feature called Write Ahead Logging or WAL.

In a multi-process application such as a Catalyst FastCGI instance, this feature greatly improves performance, at the cost of occasional writes taking slightly longer. See previously linked document for details.

To turn it on, add on_connect_do "PRAGMA journal_mode=WAL;" to your Catalyst::Model::DBIC::Schema configuration, a typical configuration might be:

        schema_class MyApp::Schema
        traits Caching
            dsn dbi:SQLite:dbname=__path_to(db/myapp.db)__
            quote_names 1
            auto_savepoint 1
            on_connect_do "PRAGMA journal_mode=WAL;"

Make sure that all clients that use this database are version 3.7.0 of SQLite or above, and preferrably, that they execute this PRAGMA when connecting.


Caelum: Rafael Kitover <rkitover@cpan.org>