Random Thoughts

17 Jan

Random thoughts from ghenry

Generic Dojo form handlers?

Create one Dojo function for all your Catalyst forms

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28 Aug

Random Thoughts from Nothingmuch


The Delegate session store plugin has just been released to the CPAN, making writing arbitrary session storage backends easier than before.

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structured omega

EasyCMS2: Demosite, trac and svn

Today I put EasyCMS2 up for testing on my server. It runs on apache2 with a postgresl backend.

It's far from done, but it is approaching a useable state quite nicely.

The point of EasyCMS is kinda divided. On one part is a pet project to stay up to date with catalyst and related techs, and on the other side, its a tool which some friends are waiting for to ease the maintainence of their websites.

The idea of the current implementation is to provide a nicely categorized set of pages, that are interlinked and easy to update.

We will see how close to achiving either I get :p

Of interesting techs used I would like to mention in particular DBIx::Class with versioning support. That has got to be one of the smoothes things I have ever set foot in.

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08 Aug

Random thoughts from ghenry

Showing content in Catalyst with TT depending on URL

Show submenus depending on where your users are.

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Setting Titles and CSS Depending on URLs in Catalyst with TT

Show your users where they are in TT

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